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I registered a few days ago, and then I kept getting side tracked everyday and didn't make it back here. I'm new to t-shirts, and I'm learning about signs as well.

I've been playing around with vector art to get the feel for it, and I have a lot of ideas for t-shirts brewing in my head.

I have sold t-shirts on cafepress before, but I didn't really care for the way it worked. It may be different now, since I was there years ago.

I will prefer to make my own, mostly cut vinyl using my Summa D60.
Also, I'm waiting on a delivery of a 15"x15" Heat Master Press.
I'm using Vinyl Master Pro (VMP) and Photoshop Elements for my software needs so far.

Anyway, here I am so as I learn I'll be asking questions, and hopefully answering some too. I'll try to visit as frequent as I can which is kind of hard lately.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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