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I am pleased to have joined your forum and am looking to tap into yiur amaxing knowledge if posdible please

I am looking for a sublimation printer where I can connect a ciss to so I can get cheaper prints. I was looking at the artisan but can't get them.in UK.

Then I looked at it's replacement the epson 15000 bit no pigment or sublimation ink available yet.

Then was looking at sawgrass 800 but looks expensive to buy and run. I am looking to print to use with heat press onto mugs and t-shirts. Any help would be amazing. Don't get me wrong I don't mind paying for a decent bit of kit but it's the long term costs I'm.worried about. I'll be printing 5 of each design in multi colours if that helps probably about 4 or 5 colour designs.

Thanks in advance !
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