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Hello,Everybody I was just looking for somebody that could Guide me in the right direction.I went to the ISS Show in ATLANTIC CITY.But on the last day and did not no a lot about it.The place was packed i was looking at the Brother Graffitee garment printer. that was nice but i really do not no about the T-Shirt equipment. I like to get in making my own custom Shirts,Hats,Sneakers,Jeans.I have a lot of connections in the city. With Recreation centers.Bars a lot of Business owners and good friend is in the Music Industry.I also have to be able to make cheap shirts. About me i started my own Roofing Company when i was 20 and 12 yrs latter. It Runs itself i invested in a hair saloon now i own 3 i will make this work if somebody could GUIDE me in the right direction we could do a % type thing :):):)

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