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Hello, Cleveland!!!

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In the infamous words of Spinal Tap bassist, Derek Smalls, I'd just like to take a minute to say "HELLO, CLEVELAND!"

Seriously though, my handle is Pittsburgh Joe and I'm a newbie when it comes to t-shirt printing. I've been checking out the threads on this forum for about 6 months now and finally decided to join in. I have been hand printing t-shirts with stencils that I cut myself from acetate sheets for the last 8 months or so, and had enough people comment on them/buy them, that I'm 99% sure I'm going to buy some equipment and give this t-shirt biz thing a shot. Everyone on here seems really friendly and full of knowledge of the industry, and the even cooler thing is it seems like most people are willing to help out newer people like myself, so needless to say I'm excited to get going.

That's it really.... I have NO equipment yet, NO website yet, NO online or brick and morter store...yet, BUT I've got some great ideas and designs, all the time in the world to work hard and get this going and I'm confident and really wanting to just learn all I can from you experts out there.

See you all in the forums and look forward to communicating and meeting you all in various threads!
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:welcome:We're glad to have you aboard!
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