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Hello. As new as new can get.

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Hello. I am looking into this as a possible work solution for my son. He has life threatening food allergies to the touch. Any type of business with which he might find work there would be safety issues for him. e.g.- he could touch a door knob that has residue from someone's peanut butter sandwich on it. This can stop him from breathing. Can you imagine asking anyone that enters that facility to not eat peanut butter anymore or to wash their hands. And then trust that they actually do wash their hands.

So. Here I am wondering about setting up a shop in the garage/ basement. Not trying to make a living at first. Just get him started so he can earn spending money. Maybe he will make real money someday. (He is 15)

I think I like the look of screen printing the best. But that is as far as I have gotten in the process.
Any views and recommendations are welcome.
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First off go to youtube and look up screen printing videos. Catspit production has quite a few of them. Is his allergy just to peanuts? Or does he have allergies to chemicals too? I have discovered that the screen cleaners trigger asthma attacks for me, so I have to be careful when cleaning screens.

He can always use water based inks too.
Thanks, for the reply.
His allergies are to milk and peanuts. Unfortunately he doesn't have to ingest them to have a reaction. It can be through skin contact.
I am going to get the ball rolling on the research for him. But he will have to take the initiative from that point. He is in the "Future Business Leaders of America" club at school. So this may prove to be a learning experience for him as well.
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