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Hello, Artist looking for Custom Cut and Sew Shop US Based

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I am looking for a US based company to cut and sew custom type work shirts (a sort of Dickies and Red Cap style of collard, button up shirt). I would supply the bolts of printed fabric, the buttons and whatever else is needed- but I am a one man band here and cannot afford to get HUGE quantities made overseas. I am curious if this is possible to get done in the US and be affordable enough for me to make a profit. Have you or anyone reading this had any luck finding a good place that will produce my custom smallish runs of shirts (150 to 500 depending on the prices). I would be ordering consistently-it would not be a one shot deal-the fabrics and buttons would change but the basic style and pattern that will be cut to my order specs will remain the same. Any info would be of great help!
All My Best,
Andrew Gore
"Art is Anything You Can Get Away With"-Andy Warhol
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