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Hello all! I recently began designing t-shirts for my own personal use, and I've decided to start selling them. I figured since companies use them to spread their logos, perhaps I could use mine to raise awareness on current environmental and social issues that I am passionate about.

My goal is to create an environmentally responsible, high quality product that I would enjoy wearing, and I hope enough people like them that: 1) I can make a reasonable living (while being my own boss!), and 2) people begin to think about where their products come from.

Some designs are funny, some are blunt, and all are (IMHO) clever ;). In addition to my own artwork, I am lucky enough to have a talented original artist in my corner with a flair for taking my concepts to the next level.

Some say they are cynical, but I say they are hopeful - for only when we pay attention to the consequences of our actions can truly expect the outcome we desire. Hence the name - Truth Tees (www.truth-tees.com should be up and running within six-eight weeks). :)

I hope my intro has not come across too hippie/preachy. I want my business to be a fun, intriguing discussion - not an in-your-face argument/line in the sand.

The t-shirt forum has helped me a lot in my start-up research, so thank you all for your very helpful posts!!!
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