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:p Hi Everyone, I'm Pete, new to this site as well as the tshirt business. Just out is my first design which I have been told by all is incredible. 2nd design is almost done and planned to be complete in about a week. I'm very excited to be getting myself involved with something totally new to me. I look forward in learning alot from all of you as I go;and maybe someday,be able to pass on what I have learned to others. Time to go sell some shirts now, Pete.

PS. I already am a bit confused as in one place here I read where i can type my website name,but have read the rules above stating I can't list my website? Guess i'll figure it all out as I go.

Well thanks to nascarbob, I guess this is where I can put in link to my website. It is www.sexmeupshirts.com Thanks Nascarbob!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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