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Hello All!

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Hello! My name is David and I am new to this forum. I just recently made myself a few tshirts, using heat transfers, and now I am hooked. I already own a vinyl cutter and a heat press and am ready to make more. For now I am going to experiment by making shirts for myself and friends but I am interested in progressing to the point of being able to sell shirts. Any advice, input or feedback is greatly appreciated. I look forward to getting to know some of you all and receiving help in my journey. Likewise I will offer any support that I can as I learn more. Thanks in advance for any and all assistance!
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Pre-press everything! Just a few seconds will help to eliminate wrinkles and humidity in the garment. Almost all materials will adhere better after a pre-press. Trust me, it really stinks to have a friend or customer come back with a shirt where the design is peeling off. Good luck :welcome:
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