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Hello all over the past several weeks i have been checking out information on whats good and what's not. My wife and I make party items and do to the high volume of customers we had asking for custom printed shirts and items for each party we were loosing money by turning them away. So i did my research on what to buy and we made the leap in getting plotter/cutter Heat press printers for both sublimation and inkjet. I always have been a tech guy and my learning of everything i do is super fast. I wanted to thank all of you as I am finding there are so many of you with so much knowledge, the search option is great here and you all have great answers to my questions, even though this is my first post i had many questions and could always find answers to my questions just from the search option so I thank you. I'm sure i will have questions at times and I look forward to hearing your answers to my questions. I'm exited to jump into this new phase of party and now shirt design.:)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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