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Hello All :)

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Hey everyone, the name is Mikel and I'm starting up my own line of T-shirts. I think that's maybe a bit on the obvious side of things, but maybe posting on the TSHIRT forum may not have been a good giveaway :p. I am planning on designing a line of shirts that revolve heavily around the idea of college humor, because I am a very dull person and feel I need to spice up my life with a bit of humor. That was a test, to see if you'd get my general sarcasm...you passed! ha. alright well I am planning on doing things from home and selling online, however my plans are not fully in place but at that time you will all know. I want to say thanks to the many posters on these forums already because within the last 2 hours I have learned more than a weeks worth of true research. Thank you all and I hope we all become successful Tshirt designers :D.

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:welcome:We're glad to have you aboard!
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