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hello all, Newbie here!

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HELLO! I just started my t-shirt printing business (transfer paper), I hope to make new friends and also help people around here. I stopped production because apparently, I kinda realized transfer papers are at the bottom of the longevity scale, I find it embarassing to have bad quality products from the start so we stopped production to research for alternatives, I'm currently thinking about that if I should switch from transfer papers to DIYDTG, is it worth it? I'm not sure If I can print on dark shirts If I fully switch to DIYDTG.

Here's my equipment:
(transfer paper/diydtg) I have a
-modified t13(DTG) in progress
-cutter plotter (redsail 720c)
- a heat press (CUYI)

and Software:

-Illustrator CS5

Anyway have a good day to you all I hope to help you guys too soon!
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Transfer paper isn't that bad, just experiment with the various papers on the market. But a DTG is awesome as well.

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