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Hello all. i am new here and woundering what t-shirt to buy.

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hello all, i am new to the forums.
i am looking to start a very small time t-shirt line.
and am looking into what t-shirt would be the best for my niche in the market.
looking at Mens to start. and want a shirt that will be above the rest.
so here is what i want.

a some what slim fit cut, with maybe a slightly longer length. and a normal collar.

i want a thicker material with out it being heavy.

100% cotton, and organic would be nice, and recycled would be even better.

usa made would be good too.

i like the fruit or the loom LOFteez
and not the biggest fan of american apparel . the seem a little light, and stretchy.

any help on a good shirt for me would be of great help. and where to buy it would be pretty awesome as well.
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Other than not being made in the US and recycled, you pretty much described the Anvil 979. They have organic and recycled but they are not quite as heavy a weight as the 979.
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