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Nice Board here. :)

Many of you may have seen me around the CafePress or Great Gear Boards.

I'm a graphic designer, who has included CafePress into my business.

Actually, I keep wishing I did more CafePress and website/blogs, but, in the meantime, I also do artwork - custom and otherwise - for machine embroiderers, as well as doing other assorted graphic design work.

I plan on spending more time on my CafePress business in the last half of the year, that is unless some graphic design client comes along with a project and a huge amount of cash I simply cannot refuse.;)

My stores (in need of attention, addition, and QA, see above):

CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More
For Women Old Enough to Know Better Store, aka For Women..., For Women Old Enough..., depending on the space available (It's blog is "Groovy Ladies")

Both are Premium Stores. The first store is old and huge. The second store is new (a sudden 6-month freebie from CafePress) - and it shows.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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