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Hello, a returning t shirt distributor

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Hey everyone! I have been out of the industry for a while, almost 10 years now. I ran a business in Phoenix AZ from 98-2000. It was tons of fun! Now, I am ready to get it going again.

My line focused on action sports wear. I was at the ASR show in 1999. I am really big into rollerblading, and that was the inspiration to get it going. I had a lot of success with the line, including getting into a buyer's guide magazine and making contact with Hot Topic.

I am excited to find this site and collaborate with all other vendors out there. Together we can do it! Yay!!!
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what part of phoenix?? i mean a suburb or downtown??

also welcome
Hi Aharon, welcome aboard!!
I lived in Glendale, and I sold shirts all over Phoenix. I sold at MetroCenter mall, a dance/rave shop and hipster shops throughout the city. I bought this really cool vintage outfit from the 40's. I had this zoot suit that I would wear with a silk butterfly collar shirt underneath. I dyed my hair jet black and I would spike it up in a 50's type of pig tail hairdo. I would go into the hipster shops in the valley and sell them my shirts. My catalog was in this shiny, plastic black envelope that was velcroed shut. It was a lot of fun!

I am revitalizing my old line, and working up a new one.

I have some shirts that did really well, and I would like to speak with some internet vendors to see if they would like to try them out on their sites. Do you guys have any ideas as to who may be interested?


Aharon 'A-rock'
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