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hello a new member from germany

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i am 43 years old and from germany. i found this forum thou searching the internet.
i was looking for some information about the brother 650 embrodery maschine, as i want to start up a business.
ma by i might get some help or info here. i think i found this side at the right time!:rolleyes:
i am sorry but my english is not so good
cant wait to start reading and asking questions:D
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:welcome:We're glad to have you aboard!
thank you
i already found lots of usefull info here
and i am still reading on
Hi Silke,

Nice to have you here.

And expect to share ideas with you after seeing more posts later from you.

Good luck.

i am still reading:p.
some how i dont know were to start asking questions.
i mean this forum is going for some time now and thera are answers out there!!! it is just not so easy to find them!!!!
but one day :D i will ask questions....!
i am going to buy the brother pr 650
so fare i have no idea about the program that comes with the maschine...
PE design 8
what i have got at the moment is the trail version of it and i have been practicing :cool:
all good things will take time
and i try to take as much time as i can to learn
Hi, you can start by searching the topic with a keyword in search section.

Nice to have you here.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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