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Height adjustable tables for presses

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One of our clients has several taller men working within their shop. Are there workshop tables available for their varied heat presses that can be adjusted for height according to who is working the presses. We have mostly tiny gals within the workshop so this is not a question we could field. Thanks.
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Keep in mind the table must be sturdy. You don't want the weight of the press to cause the table to move when operating.
Thanks badalou... we use protected utility tables which work fine for the shorties in our workshop. Any suggestions as to what type of tables are used for presses so that extremely tall people do not break their backs bending over while pressing for a large order? They are looking in to having custom tables built but I thought surely there are workstations out there that that already exist. Thanks for any input.
We use adjustable leg tables that we purchased from this company:

Lift Tables At RDM - Adjustable Tables - A107P
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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