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Heat Transfers

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Hi everyone,
This forum has been a great help to me while I set up a little business here in Ireland. Anyhow, heres my question. I am well aware of companies such as ProWorldInc, Wildside, Mbs Love etc. What I would like to know is this: Does anyone know where "Choiceshirts" get their transfers from?? Some of their designs are real cool, however I do not want to buy t-shirts from them, I just want transfers, to sell alongside my own designs. Any info would be great.
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I think they creat them as they are copyrighted. Also check out impulse transfers they are one of the biggest and supply a lot of the other shops.
Thanks for the info. I have impulsewear catalogue. Maybe I just need to concentrate on designing my own retro style t-shirts and forget about using other companies stuff!!!! Thanks.
That Choice shirts website sure looks like Pro-Worlds site...are the affiliated with them?
Does anyone know where "Choiceshirts" get their transfers from?
Proworldinc owns choiceshirts (or vice versa :))

Just about every transfer you see at choiceshirts can be found at proworldinc.

I think they even include the transfer ID number in the URL or product SKU.
Thanks Rodney!!!! I have only ordered from them off the website and havent purchased the catalog system yet...I doubt those band shirts etc are in the catalogs as transfers. At least I know I am heading in the right direction. Would be kind of a neat thread to show who is actually affiliated with who in this amazing apparel world. Anyone heard of Springhill wholesale?
MotoskinGraphix said:
Anyone heard of Springhill wholesale?
I remember a thread about them a while back here:
Did somebody mention affilliate ? not easy, all the nice guys are taken. :D

I like Wildside and Bang on.... for stock transfers.
I kinda figured that; choiceshirts does look very much like ProWorldInc!!!!!! Anyone got any views on Spot98 up in Canada, anyone used their products,ie heat transfers, what do you think of them? Thanks for all the info so far,
Spot 98 is the post right above you!!!! Lucy...ah er...T-Bot. I got about 100 transfers from Springhill and they were as good as anyones as far as pressing goes. They also do custom printing and pre-printed shirts as well. They carry a good amount of black and white transfers which I like and sell oversized images 15x19...which is cool for the urban market. You can also order belt-printed all over front and back shirts and even wrap transfers.
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