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Hello all,
I'm new to the forum, I'm an illustrator and have a lot of interest in screen printing as well as other methods of making shirts. I searched for a bit and couldn't come across the information I was seeking, so I thought I'd ask some people who know this stuff myself. I have some screen printing equipment, but doing 6 color shirts is out of the question (time and money wise). I've always been interested in heat transferred shirts, but never thought of it as an option because I've had bad experiences and read negative things about longevity and washing problems. Well, I thought about it, and there is a screen print protective clear by 3M (among other companies, I'd assume). I was curious if anyone had ever used something like this to protect a heat transfer from washing out easily, giving a shirt the longevity of a 100% screen printed shirt. I could make a single screen to print over the image on the tee, or perhaps even hand paint the clear, which would be preferable. If anyone has any experience or any suggestions, I'd be forever indebted! It seems to me like there is no reason this wouldn't work, but I'm a novice (novice being an understatement). Let me know what your opinions or any other ideas might be!

Thanks, cheers!
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