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heat transfer

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how you guy's are doing today ?
i need to know if you could help me with some company's that sell heat transfers, vinyl on t-shirts and i also need to know what tape of material should i use to screen print my transfers,and what transferring paper should i use and what printer will give me better result thank you very much for all your help in advance confused::(
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Sublimation transfers go on 100% polyester fabric or blanks specially coated for sublimation.

Standard heat transfers go on cotton and cotton poly blends. They require pigment ink, transfer paper, an epson printer, and a heat press to apply them.

You can buy vinyl transfers that you can apply with a heat press or you can make your own. You would need a cutter/plotter, vinyl, vector software such as adobe illustrator or coreldraw, and a heat press.

You can also have full color digital vinyl decal transfers made by Stahls or Transfer Express.

For screen printing, you will need vector software, a printer such as an epson, transparency film, a screen printing machine, screens, emulsion, plastisol ink, plastisol transfer paper, an exposure unit, and a flash or conveyor dryer to gel cure the ink. Or you can have someone else print the transfers for you, and you would then apply them to the shirts with a heat press.

My suggestion is that you learn more about the various types of garment decoration out there, before you buy anything. Knowledge is power. You can find instructional videos on each of these methods on youtube.
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thank you very much for replying,do you know a company that could do my transfers I had a company around my area they used to do my transfers but the owner got real sick and sold the company now the prices are much higher
There are plenty of companies that do transfers. I don't know where they are, but I do know they're out there.
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