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heat transfer

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What type of ink and heat transfer paper should I use with a Conon Pixma MG 3222 to make my own customized t-shirts?
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This model does not have pigment ink other than the black. This type of ink is required to print t-shirt transfers. You can use the standard ink that comes with the printer but it won't wash well without fading or ink wash-out.
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Thank you. Which printer would you recommend?
Most Epsons. The work force models are popular.

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Thank you. Which printer would you recommend?
The majority of inkjet printers come with dye-based ink as standard. If your finished products will be washed then we recommend using pigment inks. Many Epson printers now come with pigment inks such as Ultrachrome or DuraBrite inks. This means that you can just buy the replacement Epson cartridges but it isn't necessarily the most cost-effective option.

If you currently have an inkjet printer which uses dye-based inks then it may be possible to convert your printer to pigment inks – contact a pigment ink supplier for more information.

We use an Epson printer with DuraBrite inks to test our inkjet transfer papers and are very happy with the results.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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