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heat transfer vinyl and sizing on fabric

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Hi all

Does the sizing used on fabrics affect the adhesiveness of the heat transfer vinyls? Or the plain speak version is, do I need to prewash my tshirts when applying vinyl?

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Kim, if your are refering to 100% or 50/50 t shirts, if they are new, we have never had a problem. Often customers bring in their own shirts and we advise if they are not new and have been washed, to take them back home and re wash in water only. Sometimes, the rinse cycle does not get all the soap out and may cause a probllem. Best of luck
Hello, I don't wash the shirts first. I have had no problems, just the customer need to wait 24 hour before washing and it need to be turned inside out.I am going by what I have done and the company that I get the heat tranfers from.
Thanks for the info. It is appreciated.

To add to that, I would say that pre heating your garment for 5-10 seconds by bringing your press down onto it with just a cover sheet helps in driving out allot of the sizing.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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