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Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers on this forum.

I have been given a recommendation to have my design made into transfers so that way I can create the t-shirt as they are ordered versus ordering hundreds of t-shirts that I am not sure will sell.

I am lost on the transfer thing. Who would I go to for the transfers to be made? How long does it take to get them made? How much are they?

I am also concerned with the look. Do transfers look quality? Are transfers the going thing right now? Do I hire someone to do the transfers if I am not sure how to do or is it just like an iron-on? After I sell so many transfers do I move to screen printing?

I must say I am so glad I found this forum because I clearly have not thought about some things that will definately affect me financially. I think we all are on here to provide encouragment and support to one another so that we may be a success story.

Is there anyone on this forum willing to share their success story from beginning to end in a condensed forum? For example, what made you choose t-shirts, what design category, your financial strategy, your marketing strategy, how long you've been in business, earnings potential and your end result. Sharing your story may give me some insight as to how I can become the next success story.

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