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Heat transfer process question? skateboard printing!

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Hi All,

first post to the forum so hopefully you can help!

I'm trying to figure out the process for printing to heat transfer material that it then hot rolled and applied to skateboards.

I understand that it is dye sub inks to a clear heat transfer film but the part i don't understand is how the colour white is introduced and this white layer supposedly has a bonding agent in aswelll to help with adhesion between the ink and the board.

from the below videos you will see what i mean, there is a process where what i assume is a spray adhesive/bonding agent that then has a white coat of (adhesive/ink??) screened over the top.

any info on what is used and the process would help so much, cant find hardly any info on it anywhere!

show the clear layer and white layer being applied.

describes how the white layer in some sort of bonding layer

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Hey man did you ever find out what this bonding agent is??? No one wants to seem to help me out. Please let me know if you figured this out. Thanks 🤙🏼
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