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I have a dell 3130cn color laserjet printer. Can I use this printer to make t-shirt transfers? If so what kind of paper do i need? Will the transfers be good enough quality to sell? I have a MAXX 15 X 15 heat press. I am currently ordering heat transfers from Transfer express but it is too expensive for small orders, i would like to be able to make custom shirts for customers that need ten or fewer shirts.

We make t-shirts out of my classroom as a fundraiser, so i sell mostly school spirit shirts. I have kids that design graphics on the computer and I would love to let them turn their designs into t-shirts.

I really like to keep the shirts at about 10 dollars so the kids can afford them and we can make a profit but using transfer express can really lower our profit on multi color designs and small orders! (FYI-I buy my shirts for about 2.00)

We are also looking to buy a vinyl cutter in the near future so is there vinyl we can print on (with our laser printer), cut out with a vinyl cutter, and apply to a t-shirt? Any recommendations on a vinyl cutter, we are a school and definitely not rich!

thanks so much for any tips or advice!
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