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heat transfer on really colorful spandex?

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I just got back from the SGIA expo in Atlanta and most vendors agreed that screen printing was probably the best way to go for printing team names,etc. on colorful spandex tights for schools. We're just starting out and would love to start with heat transfers and work into the equipment for screen printing. Does anyone know who would have heat transfers that would work on spandex tights and which company would be good to contact for information on the right equipment? We're a little overwhelmed with info from each vendor saying their stuff was the "right" way to go. Any help would be appreciated.
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You didn't specify, but I'm guessing you want to do custom plastisol transfers?

This is a post I found from JB (who is no longer with us :():
I use elastoflex transfers from Ace Transfer Company. They work great...... JB
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JB put me in contact with Ace as well, we used some of their Elastoflex transfers on some warmups and they came out great! Another option if you only want to do single color is use a vinyl cutter and get some Elasticut from Imprintables. I cut some for Di at Volleychick.com, she heat pressed them on bathing suits and they really worked well.
Thanks---I'll check them out. Julie
I sell most shirts and leggings - 95% cotton 5% spandex on it
I never had any problem heat pressing it
Thanks---I think I'm leaning toward starting our business with heat transfers and working my way into screen printing. It looks like it could be the way to ease into the business. Julie
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