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Good Morning Everyone. Hope we are all doing well today. I currently own a sign shop and we are now adding on heat transfer t-shirts, hats and apparel. What I am curious about is those of you who are in a similar situation as I am what do you use as a transfer mask for your full color heat transfers? I have a friend who use to be in the sign business and also did t-shirts and he said they use to just use cheap regular transfer mask that they would also use for the vinyl for their signs. Or are you all using stuff like TTD Mask, CAD-Color Solutions Mask, or stretch print mask?

If you are just using a cheap sign transfer mask...

1. How well does it work?

2. What brand and model of mask are you using?

3. What is the tack level of the mask you are using? Low? Medium? High?

4. Any special procedures or techniques you have to do or use in order to run cheap sign transfer mask?

Any insight you guys might be able to give me would be greatly appreciated. I did a bunch of searching on here but wasn't able to get a clear answer to this question. Thanks in advance.

Big Z
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