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Heat Transfer inks made special do they make a diffence?

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I wonder if these inks really make a diffrence, they say they are made special for heat transfers.
Has anyone seen them and compared them to
regular pigment inks.
inksupply seems to sell them

I wonder if they really make a diffrence. Hmmmmm
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Some pigment inks will lose color or be tinted with another color. Durabrite inks are known for this & it's called "color shifting." Many times, the black may have a yellow or green cast after pressing due to the heat. I've never used special transfer inks so I can't speak to the difference in quality. The inks I've used other than Durabrite haven't had the issue.
What inks do you use, OEM inks?
I've been dealing with 4inkjets for quite a while & have always had good results. OEM's are just too expensive with little if any quality difference.
Sounds good
I will have to see what printer I decide to go with.
Trying to decide how many colors I want to go with. For graytones it seems the 8 color inkjets do
great. The Pixma 9500MKII has 10 colors and is pigment.
Was also looking at the All in One 7520 Epson with 11x17 printing and scanning.
i used them but comparing with original pigment ink they are more vibrant in color and the yellow no need of changing the setting. If you used original pigment ink usually you lower yellow color in the profile. If you used pigment heat transfer ink no need to changed the profile. Inksuplly has a good price i always buy from them. COaastalbusiness and other heat transfer store sale them too.
How many colors do you print with mydamit???
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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