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I am finally going to try to get my 2 Epson 1400s up and running next week. I decided that right now, I won't be printing enough to justify installing a CIS, especially since one of the printers will be used on the road at conventions, and I don't want the worry about things leaking all over the place.

I normally buy my ink from InkJetCarts. They have both a heat transfer set of inks, and regular inks. I noticed that Cobra only sells one kind of ink these days, and says it's good for both transfers and general printing. I am having a hard time deciding what to do with my printers. I want to be able to do heat transfers, but I also want to print signs, banners, giclée art prints, and photo enlargements. The problem is that pigment inks don't do glossy photos very well. But I may have a solution for that as well: changing my Workforce 1100 to All-GLOP (gloss optimizer) to gloss photos after printing. I still haven't decided whether or not I want to do this, though. So my options are:

1 1400 heat transfer inks. 1 1400 regular pigment inks. Change the 1100 to a glossing printer or use adhesive overlaminate on it.

1 1400 regular pigment inks for all print jobs, and deal with the yellow shifting issue in the software/through profiles. 1 1400 with dyebased ink for photos. Sell the 1100 (though I doubt I'll have much luck with that).

Anyone here familiar with the differences in InkJetCarts two different pigment sets vs Cobra inks? How does your 1400 with pigment refills print on regular paper with no profiling? I keep hearing wildly varying reviews about this, ranging from "everything comes out blue-ish" to "it's only a little off and you can use the sliders in the preferences to fix it without a profile." I use a small laser for most printing but I also want to print in color and would prefer to just use one of the 1400s for that, too. Keep in mind heat transfers are not going to be the focus of my business, just one of the things I offer.

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