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Cherokee Images is owned by Cherokee Laser LLC, we are in the Heat Transfer business, the following Video features our #369 Printer Buddy Ink. It truly is the best transfer ink on the market and affordable. We welcome questions about heat transferring to cottons. #369 is not sublimation ink! We do make sublimation but this new #369 Ink is amazing, it produces the finest, most detailed image in the business onwww.youtube.com/watch?v=KGpgzlUAKTs cottons. We will be glad to answer your questions regarding Heat Transfer anytime, our phone number is 971-998-6336. Just click here to see our video on "HOW TO MAKE A T-SHIRT AND HAT USING PRINTER BUDDY #369 HEAT TRANSFER INK, Just click here: YouTube - The Printer Buddy #369 Transfer Ink System
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