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I'm currently in the process of putting together a T-shirt operation to add onto my storefront studio. I'm familiar with a fully color calibrated workflow and expecting a print as close as possible to what I see on screen. I understand that there is a limit to what you can expect when printing inkjet transfers due to the applying a hot pressurized platen to the design after printing it out. So far, from my research and experience, I know the way to go is pigment ink for cotton t-shirt transfers. Now that I've purchased a wide format Epson solely for printing transfers, I want to make sure I pump the right quality bulk ink into it. I usually deal with MIS Pro ink for printing portfolio samples and proofs, they also have a heat transfer ink. I want to stay in the family and stick to that brand, but what works on specialty art papers might not work as a finished product on a t-shirt. Anyone have any other suggestions as far as brands of heat transfer pigment ink that perform well? I am in know way interested in sublimation printing at this time, I want to stick to transfer paper and light/dark cotton T's for this.
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