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Heat Transfer Companies in Va, MD, DC?

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I've been trying to find some companies that do custom heat transfers in the VA, DC, and MD areas and have come up with nothing...does anyone know of any?

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None that I have found yet. If you are looking for plastisol, try contacting a screen printer and see if they will do the print as transfers for you.
F and m expressions is based in Maryland. They are a decent company, I'd say great but we keep getting a few transfers with mistakes on them.

But if you are looking for a screen printer who can do transfers, I am starting to print my own transfers
There's a list of the transfer companies on the forum, although I cannot locate the link at the moment. None of the major transfer suppliers are located in VA, DC or MD.
Why is location important.....Many will be just 1 day ship....And even if you have to ship a long distance, it is not that much...Last order of 150 from NJ (F&M Expressions) to WA was under 11.00...

where in va mustang and what are your rates?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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