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Heat transfer, Black NOT SO BLACK

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Hello everyone, another question since last night was my first heat press ever. I have an epson wf 7510. I printed an image on a jet pro SS heat transfer sheet. It was mostly yellow and black, I pressed it unto a very soft next level 100 cotton shirt. Everything went through as well but 2 things
1. The black ink wasn't as rich and dark as I would like it which makes te shirt look worn out. Now

2 I can see the outline / border of the transfer sheet. Did I do anything wrong? Temp was 375F / 25 seconds.
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Was the whole image black? If so, use the setting for black ink only or grayscale. I had the same issue till I tried it. I use 350 @ 30 sec. If it's like mine, the border isn't visible unless you're right in front of it. Also, it'll probably not show after it's washed.
It had color to it. And black outlines. But the outlines didn't come out as dark as I would like them. Jet pro soft stretch says 350/25 sec did u use the same paper?
I use ironall. 350-30 sec. & they're perfect.The settings aren't exact but a guideline. You might want to test different times & temps on some scrap material, but they shouldn't vary much at all.
That was on jet pro. I just did 3 presses on transjet II and I'm absolutely amazed at the quality and the ease of that paper. 380/20seconds and amazing! Any advice on paper for dark shirts?
When I used Jetpro SS with the factory inks on my Epson, the colors including black were not as rich.... When I installed my CISS system and used the dye inks from PrintPayLess, the colors are way better. For darks I have used jet opaque, the 3 g and am not happy with either, the SKS I think it is called with a blue grid seems better after over 16 washes on my test and it still looks good.... But I am not happy enough to use it to sell to anyone unless it is specifically asked for and I show them my test shirts for an example of the crinkly feel of them.... On sweat shirts they are a little less noticeably.
Pigment inks will not look as bright as dye; it's just the nature of the beast. How are the dye inks holding up? Normally, dye inks won't pass the wash test. That's why pigment is nearly exclusively used for inkjet transfers.
I have had very good luck with dye ink from printpayless, the ink has survived over 15 washes plus with no problems. I use the same ink for brochures, shard stock that is cut and glued for packaging.... And some pictures that I have printed and then have splashed water on with very little bleed. It says it is a dye based ink the is water resistant and UV resistant..... Use it in an Epson WF7010
I washed my dura brite transfer and after 1 wash it looks good. I also used transjet and jeeeez that paper and print came out awesome. I'm lookin into a vinyl cutter now because I need a more clean look and not such a rough surface.
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