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Heat resistant tape

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Looking for some heat resistant tape for helping when doing multi color t-shirts and hats. Anyone know where to get it? Found some at best blanks but they want $12 for shipping a 7 dollar item...
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best place to get on ebay,
get around £2.50-£3.00 per tape

it's good heat tape also.
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This is the sort of Item I add to an order,they can then just slot it in to the Box along with your other stuff
Coastal/Conde $6-00/$7-00 a Roll
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Guess this is more of a Tip or Trick ….. I heat press with Easyweed materials so when in need a piece of transfer tape I just use the left over backing . Cut it to the size you need, its great. I use it to hold small transfers in place.
@Spence..with some vinyl that works but with some of the different vinyls they don't have a sticky backing material and it makes it tough. Good idea though!!
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