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Here’s a tip for someone just starting. Go check out the prices and shirt quality of the local competition. Screen printing had been around the longest, is best for volume printing. Most screen printers will not touch your order for less then 12 shirts per color in the order. So if you want black shirts with white ink you’re going to have to order a dozen. Starting out with 0 experience in the print industry in my opinion is not a great idea. Investment is huge, materials are OSHA regulated, materials are bulky and expensive and space is a major requirement.
For someone starting out heat pressing is more economical.
You need a good quality laser printer, like Cannon, Xerox, Ricoh, Okoia etc. You can print on inkjet but I personally feel that laser printers are better and the toner doesn't dry up and go bad like ink does.
You'll need a good heat press, search here for one.
And you need some papers that can handle your printing requirements. I suggest Koncert Tees paper (white on any color) and Image clip dark (colored graphic images on darks) for starters.
Another though is you can use a plotter and heat set vinyl for simple one or two color images that you created in vector programs like A. Illustrator or Corel.
Photoshop isn't going to be a lot of help unless you are rather skilled at separating with that program. And if you’re a web designer, then separating is something you haven't done often.
Make friends with the local print shops, because you’re going to need to pick their brains for ideas and help.
(I came out of the screen printing industry and now only use heat pressing materials in my own personal shop.)
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