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Silkcreening/Screenprinting is the same thing.

For mass printing, it's always best to go with screenprinting because:
1) It looks more professional. Some people may disagree, but to me heat presses can look cheap/homemade. Plus the images can peel off after prolonged use. Screenprinting lasts much longer.
2) It's easier. How screenprinting works is they take an image and it is "burned" onto the screen, basically creating a stencil. Then ink is pulled through the stencil and transferred to the t-shirt. So you can use one screen to print literally thousands of shirts.

Honestly screenprinting is relatively easy to do yourself and pretty simple process. What is not easy however is getting all the equipment, which will cost you thousands of dollars. Not to mention, the process can be messy, and requires alot of time that you may or may not have. I used to print my own shirts but thats only because I had free access to all the equipment I needed through my college.

It's much easier (and cheaper, unless you have some empire where you're selling a million shirts a week) to just outsource the work and have others print it for you.

You can try jakprints or threadbird.com, or just do a google search with the words "apparel printing" or something to that effect.
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