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Heat pressing rally towels and hoodies?

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I'm a little new to the business but I've just received my first big order and I need to know how to or if you can heat press a design onto rally towels and hoodies? I'm sure the hoodies won't be much of a problem but the rally towels have me worried. Any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks
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The hoodies are fine just make sure you test the vinyl if you are do 50/50 or higher polyester items. There are some vinyls that cause dye migration where the color of the items comes through the vinyl

As far as Rally Towels, lower the nap the better but test them and do a wash test (at least 5-6 washes before you start selling)
Ok thanks. I called around and I think it's cheaper to order the towels already done. Lol
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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