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Hi, I was a newbie to inkjet heat transfers/pressing about 7 years ago, and had to put it on the back burner for a while...

I am back to "dabbling" in designing a few items, and found a natural canvas backpack that my daughter wants a design on. I know the "body" of the backpack should be ok to heat press a transfer on (as long as I put something inside to raise it up above the seams) -- and the flap of the backpack is also a good place to put a transfer -- but I'm concerned about the velcro underneath. It has one piece of canvas material for top of flap, another layer of canvas for under-side of the flap, and then the piece of velcro (the hook side).

My first thought was to press on top of it, since there's TWO pieces of canvas on top of it when the platen closes -- but would the velcro melt? Next, I started worrying about the transfer not taking correctly too, because of the small "lump" the velcro makes...

My next thought is to pull the thread stitches holding it onto the canvas, press the transfer, and then try to re-sew the velcro on... Any thoughts??
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