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Heat press trouble or user error?

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I recently purchased my very first heat press by SUNIE. I have been testing it out with several samples and suppliers as well as my own images printed on Jet Pro SS with my own printer. I have not had the smooth transaction that I was expecting. I can't tell if the issue is me or the machine. Please see the images and give me your thoughts...

Pictures by SillySportSocks - Photobucket
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If the temperature is accurate, and time is correct, it might be a pressure issue. A firm, comfortable lock down is needed.
I've noticed in other presses that you get a "lock" when pressing but this SUNIE doesn't "lock". You just hold it down...but I press it down so hard that it almost tips over...
Its got to pressure, and a heat press without a lock I never heard of that.
maybe mine is broken..let me check with SUNIE. :) Thanks!
You need to adjust the pressure. Sounds like you have too much.
I contacted SUNIE and they told me that it should lock so they are going to walk me through some steps to correct the issue. I have to wait till I am in front of the press though and won't be for a few more hours...thanks for the help!
I just got off the phone with a cus svc rep at SUNIE...they walked me through adjusting the bolt and pressure and now it locks and its tight enough a piece of paper stays stuck inside...thanks for all your help! I will be back testing the press all weekend. :)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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