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heat press to cure shirts?

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i have a heat press from back when i did some heat press shirts and i would like to know if i can use the heat press to cure my plastisol ink shirts(screen printing) instead of buying a 300$ flash unit cuz right now i dont have to money to buy it and like around at what temperature should i use it and for how long?
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Yep. U can totally do that. However, u need to somehow flash cure the ink so it gets "dry" but not cured. I use a heat gun until the ink wont stick to my finger. U only want it to crust a bit. Then use a teflon sheet over the shirt so the ink won't actually touch the metal of the heat press. And then ur in business! But make sure to do some tests for how long u need to press the shirts. Should be around 10-15 seconds. But test to be sure!

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now i need a heat gun lol and thanks am gonna try it
i was thinking of lowering the press just a little to get it a little dry and the just press the shirt all the way down u think that might work?
you can put your shirts on a cookie sheet and use your oven to cure them as well or take your oven rack, and cover it in foil. i forgot what temp, but you can look it up i'm sure.
Lowering the press over the shirt probably will work but just BE SURE not to let the ink touch or you'll be SOL :D

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Yes you can .
Make adjustment to top platen so it does not come in direct contact with shirt
It should reach around 320 degrees +
Have a great day.
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