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Heat Press Recommendations for Twill Fabric Labels

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I have searched your wonderful forum but cannot find exactly what I'm looking for. I apologize ahead of time if this is a repeat question.

I am looking for opinions on buying a heat press, preferrably lightweight to move around and small like around 9 x 12. I have an Etsy shop where I sell dog belly bands and I would like to use the heat press to make my branding labels but I don't want to get a press that's overkill. Right now I use an iron with transfer paper and I am not pleased with moving the iron around. Some labels come out funky looking or didn't receive enough pressure. I would use the press about once a week to make my supply for the week and that's about it.

I have looked at a lot of the 9x12 machines but don't find many realistic reviews on them. Mostly just unhappy ppl but they do tend to complain more. Right now Panther is on my top pick list and I saw somewhere they had a lower cost machine for low volume.

Any feedback is welcome. Thanks, Sandy
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