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Heat press question

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I have been using a heat press at my work - generic off of ebay - that was bought for something like 400.00. It was a 4 in 1. I'm not very impressed with it - though my boss lets me use it for my quilting too.

I would like a fairly inexpensive (don't we all), but quality machine that will transfer consistently. While most of my work is 8x10, I may want to make larger prints later.

Any suggestions? I am searching for something under $200 - used is ok too. Is there somewhere online that I can go to find such a thing (other than ebay)???

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you might try craigslist classifieds: jobs, housing, personals, for sale, services, community, events, forums you will not find a quality press under 200 unless you can find a used one..stay away from the ebay...you will not get after sale support.

I few months back I had to buy a press quickly and bought a fully digital 15x15 from www.sunie.com I think they have raised their price to $299 but you do get 3 yr warranty
Hi Renee, Pro world has a new deal to get the sunie press. if you order $299 in transfers you can but the press for $150. I always recommend the mighty press, but they are more $$. Good luck.
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