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Heat Press Question

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We have a air fusion heat press and the lowest the pressure will go is 20psi and for curing prints this sometimes causes problems with pitting (see picture). Currently we are using silicone paper to cure all prints and get great results, except sometimes large solid color prints like the picture will pit. It is very random 3 or 4 may come out great then several will pit. The prints are great coming off the neoflex- after pressing pit issue from time to time.

We also have a hotronix manual clam shell press that could be put into action to cure prints. It is not threadable and a caddy to make it threadables is $ 300.00 plus shipping.

My question before I go spend the money for a caddy to make this press threadable will this solve this problem? We use LAT tees and they have to be threaded to keep them ghosting. Any thought would be appreciated.



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Pitting is from fibers not being all flat before hand, possibly not enough pretreat to keep all flat,possibly not enough pressure on pretreat to keep flat. Possibly not handling with are and allow fibers back up. When you print the white layer, look at the white from the side so you and the platen are same height you will be able to tell them if any loose fibers are sitting.

I personally don't like fusion for dtg, most time to much pressure.
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g.lupo- I have not noticed any fibers sticking up, but tonight I will have someone with younger eyes look. I feel we have our pt dialed in and we are getting good white underbase and the prints look good when wet, its after curing we get the pitting. We went to pressing at 325 degrees for 40 seconds at 40psi to make sure all fibers were flattened and we take care in handling after pressing.

I agree with you on the fusion too much pressure. I guess I need to invest in a heat press caddy for our clamshell press to see if that helps.

I never liked air pressure Press on Dtg. Dtg requires adjust pressure. Caddy is base(leg) will not do any good also. Call me to discuss?
Cheers! Inks are on me always.
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