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Heat press paper urgently required !!

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Could anyone here (preferrably in the UK) tell me where i can urgently get a hold of the paper which you normally receive with transfer paper.

I need it for puting ontop of my dark transfers for cold peel. I have tried using grease proof paper, but that pulls the design off the t-shirt.

I need this paper URGENTLY. I have money waiting for payment right away if someone would even like to sell me some.

Many Thanks
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Do you have any sign vinyl...you can use the backing paper.
Hi David, no i dont have any of that. That would have been ideal aswell. Any1 any other ideas please??? :confused:
Hi Jon, do you mean the silicon sheets?

Silicon Application Sheets - XP2028

Price: £30.00 (Excluding VAT at 17.5%)

For Nylo Cut, Subli Flock, Sublimation, Ultragraphics Ink Jet Dark, Subli-Dark and All Colour Trans Papers. 500 sheets (A3).
Hi Lee,

I am unsure ??

Do you think these would work :

50 X- LARGE GREASEPROOF PAPER BAKING SHEETS 18" X 28" on eBay, also Baking Trays, Cookware, Kitchen, Home Garden (end time 12-Nov-08 14:44:46 GMT)

Its to put over the top of my dark transfers for cold peel without lifting the whole design off the shirt ??!!

I use a teflon sheet. One place to find them is at Vinyl Cutters, Heat Presses & Accessories, Heat Transfer Vinyl & Screen Printing Machines - Imprintables Warehouse

With that in mind, I have a few hundred 8.5 X 11 sheets of the kraft paper that comes with most opaque transfer paper that you're looking for. Since I use the teflon sheet, I've been saving all of that kraft paper for 2 years. I live in the U.S. though. Message me if interested.
I thought you tried greaseproof paper, I don't think it will work.

You need a teflon sheet or the silicon ones (the same as the sheets you get in a box of transfer paper) for best results.
How about craft paper from your local hobby store?
Hi folks, i managed to find a temporary alternative until such times as i get some new silicone paper.

Using the backing sheet on which paper sticky labels are adhered to. I tore off all the sticky labels and the surround and this has a shiney non stick coating. Great for using ontop of dark transfers, and it also allowed me to peel off when hot, instead of waiting around until it cools.

A good little find i reckon !!

Cheers anyways for all the help !!
Hi nelly
You are probably sorted by now, but, if you have got a branch of Wilkinsons near you they do Baking Parchment 375mm x 5metres for 65 pence.
It is good stuff and works like a charm.
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