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Heat press: More room between plate and base

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i own the attached heat press.

I would like to use it for "indirect" fixation of plastisol printed shirts.

Of course i could put the shirt directly in the heat press but then the prints are too "shiny".

So a friend recommended me this: make 3 cm room between plate and base, put the shirt on the base and put down the plate. So the plate is not lieing on the shirt but 3 cm above. It acts like a fake dryer ;)

I thought i can easily change the distance with the big black rotating wheel on the back but this is only to change the mode from auto clamp to manuel clamp (you have to hold the lever while printing, it's not locking).

So there are only those 4 "springed" screws but i'm not sure if they are only made to make the plate "evently".

Any chance to change the distance? Does anybody know this model?



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3cm seems like a lot. The closer the element is to the ink, the faster it will reach cure. I have a conveyor dryer, but I have used my heat press for curing. I adjust the press so that there is almost no pressure on the shirt (you can probably do that by adjusting the screws over your element). I lower the element so that it's close to the print for around 10 seconds. This dries the ink, but it doesn't cure it. Then, I press the shirt with extremely light pressure for about another 10 seconds using non-stick baking paper just to protect the plastisol. That cures the ink without making it too shiny.
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Yup. Get yourself some parchment paper from the baking section of your local supermarket. (Not waxed paper!)
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