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Heat Press metal expanding?

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I was wondering if anyone had experienced this problem,
When I use my heat press after about 20-30 minutes the handle starts to jam and make a grinding sound when moved.

It is like the metal has expanded and is causing it to jam, if I turn the press off and leave it to cool down about an hour or so, it goes back to working fine with out any type of stiffness...

has anyone else had issues like this?

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is it a swing-away?

if so then it might just need to be re-packed with high-temp grease (auto-parts store)
should be minimal bolts holding it on
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Thank you for that. It is a swing away.
I will give it a go.

are you talking about the metal rod? the fat rod pushing the plate down in its little housing?

good question 1Arm
i took it to mean the swing-motion, but it could also be the press-motion

either way, i think a dismantle, clean and re-grease is the ticket
probably just dry/foreign particles
What brand and model press is it?
How old is it?
yes it is the fat rod that pushes the plate down, it seems to be area around the pivot point and that fat rod.

I've ordered some metal free high temp grease, so when that turns up I will clean it and re grease, as I looked today and it feel dry and free from and form of lube.

I cant think of the make at the moment, but it is about 6-7 months old, however it has only been used about 4 times.

thank you all for your replies.
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