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heat press machine philippines-help!

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Hi i'm a newbie here..im planing to buy heat press machine in falsom arts or tees n print..any input?tnx
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what size and what is your budget?

Generally the heavier duty 16x16" China press costs 12-15k with some as much as 20k. You can find cheaper ones costing less than 10k though.

I think tees and prints is the same as the shop near EROD-New York St. or its agent. Their high pressure looks good. Their 16x20 swing type cost 25k but maybe negotiable. I am not sure if they really have technicians to service your units though.

Don't know about falsom.

When do you plan to buy your unit? Some members here are also looking for units and visiting various suppliers hoping to buy soon. Just PM me if you have a timetable and want to join the search. Some things are better discussed privately.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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