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Heat Press Inc - Black vinyl problems

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Anyone else having problems with Heat Press Inc's new black vinyl? I usually buy from Imprintables.com, but last year got started with HPI because their black vinyl is 20" instead of 15", and it was really easy weed and hot peeled like nobody's business.

Now I've bought a new 10 yard roll, find it gray on the backside, harder to weed, and won't hot / warm / or cold peel for anything. Pulls away hot or warm and just about break your arm trying to cold peel.

I contacted HPI and they said yes, they'd changed their vinyl - that it's cold peel now. They DIDN'T change their online instructions, though. I can't stand this new stuff and am hoping they take back the 8 yards or so I have left. Anyone else having these problems?

Just ordered a roll of black eco-film from Imprintables. Next week all will be well again.

HPI was fairly quick to answer my question about their changed product, but has gone completely silent on taking their "improved" vinyl back.
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I've still heard nothing back from Heat Press Inc. I will not be buying anything from them again.
I was also considering one of their cheap auto-release clam heat presses, until I read a couple threads on here about others experiences. I just got my new Hotronix Stahl's press today. Glad I went with quality over HPI.
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Thanks for the info. Good to know a business is glad to take your money but not fix the issue, when one arises.

I use Sisser easy weed and its awesome. Have you tried it?

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Well after sending them a second email today complaining about their vinyl and lack of response for a refund, this is what I got:

"Sorry about that we didn't see the last part of the message. Let me know how much you have left and we'll refund you."

Don't want to be badmouthing them if they come through. I'm not going to request a refund. I'm done with them, but would want one of my customers to do what I'm doing now if I put the effort into helping the customer with a problem.
Those guys over there are normally really good at taking care of the customer so it seems odd,, maybe they didnt see it... on the other hand, I dont care what kind of vinyl you get or from whom you get it from there will always be at one time or another a problem of some sort with the vinyl products
If they didn't thoroughly read the email, then I'm glad they are stepping up and offering a refund.

Good luck with the vinyl.

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