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Heat press help reading display

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I just bought a heat press and it didn't come with a manual of anykind. I need help how to set temp. It has a "pv" and a "s" on the display the s is seconds but not sure what pv stands for. I can set the "st" which is time and the "sp" not sure what that is either.
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Can you post a picture so we can see what controls, displays, etc. are on your press...
What is the make and model?
The PV is the process variable and usually is displaying the actual temp. The SP is the set point and usually refers to the set temperature. So by pressing select to the SP you can adjust to the correct temp and then press enter to save. Your press should heat up to that desired temp. When you close the press it will count down the S setting or seconds. However these are general instructions and not specific since you haven't posted your model and make.
Here's a photo of the display I'm not sure of make is


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I'm still not sure about the make and model or the manufacture of the temp and time controller. However, I would press and hold the set button, that should get the PV line or the S line to flash. Use the up down arrows to set it and then press the set button once to save. Their are going to be other program settings for the alarm etc but without a manufacturer of the controller or press going through those would not be advisable. Good luck
Ok I think the pv is the temp if so it only goes to 250 and my paper requires 375 how can I make that work?
Here's a photo of the display I'm not sure of make is
Hi.. did you ever find the model to your pid controller? I have the same and is trying to set the settings.
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