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Heat press from ASC 365

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I am planning to buy my first heat press and few people mentioned the heat press from ASC 365 in Toronto.
Do you have any experience with these heat presses? Can they be compared to Stahl, etc.?

Thank you
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I have both a HIX and an ASC (Although bought here in Australia.. .think it is the same)

Works a treat, much quicker to get up to temp than the Hix (though this may be age difference too)

However the hix has a huge advantage if you dela with large items (which I do from time to time) I'll try take some pics tonight to show the difference but basically the ASC has a pivoting base to allow for opening up the "gap" to press thicker items, problem is the space up the back between the base and the top (HOT!) section is still not very large and very easy to fry the back of your hands when loading a bulky item, the Hix on the other hand raises the heat platen parellel to the base so has plenty of room without risking burns when loading a bulky item.

If your just doing tee's or baby gear shouldn't really be an issue.
Thank you Cookiesa for your info.
No worries, here's the pics... not very good ones but hope you can see the difference. The vest is actually less than half of the thickness of some of the jackets I do.


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I am plannig to use it for t-shirts so I shoud be fine to go with ASC365.
Main reason why I am planning to buy ASC365 is money. It cost about 1/3 of price of Stahl. I am just starting so I do not want to spend lot of money if I do not know if I will be succesfull.

Those pictures and all your inputs helped me a lot.
Thank you again.
No problem!

If your just doing tee's you'll love it and you can always upgrade later!
I have one from them. Its great! I wish I would have got the 16x24 instead of the 15x15 though. You can even go get it from their warehouse in Scarborough. I think that's where it is. Just don't buy the crappy Rabbit vinyl cutter from them.
Why not the Rabbit? Mine works fine getting daily use cutting thin and very thick (radiance reflective) vinyl's.

What problems have you had?
Thanks for the info guys! I am also looking at the asc press'.
Do NOT buy the ASC Press! Way too many problems. Either the heating element will fail, the pressure adjust will break or the cord will melt if your house doesn't burn down first.
i got ASC mug press. works great. I have it for a year now.
This press isn't bad but it's what you get for what you pay. If you live in Toronto it's worth a shot, they have a three year warranty so you can take it in if anything goes wrong.
have the 15x15 press also, no problems at all so far. got it for the same reason.
its cheaper because its manufactured in China, the man at the warehouse is very nice and responds quickly to your questions.
lots of information his website too - ASC365.net
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